Small Telescopic Shrimp Net

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This extendable, durable shrimp net is the only one we use for our shrimp tanks, and we’ve tested several over the years. The square soft net design allows for easy and safe capturing of shrimp far more easily than any conventional nets.

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General Details
  • Size Dimensions: Extendable length from 7 - 20 inches, 1.5 square net width
  • Instructions: Immediately usable, extend to preferential length. Be careful when storing by sharp aquatic tools such as plant trimming scissors as the net may snag or rip.
  • Notes: Most telescopic shrimp nets we’ve used were lacking in some way, most usually the net itself being too hard and clunky to swiftly catch fast shrimp in the tank. These nets are soft and collapsible when applying pressure, but have the right strength to maintain the box frame by default, allowing for swift movements in water without being restrictive.