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Plamski is a well respected US aquatics hobbyist with over 14+ years of experience with ornamental shrimp, who decided to use his incredibly diverse background ranging from chef to engineer to design his own line of quality shrimp food and supplements to better care for his own critters. All ingredients are organic, non-GMO, and thoroughly vetted for quality. Some of the premium herbs used in the ingredients are sourced from a specialized private mountain farm in Bulgaria. He personally tests each batch of food prior to distribution to ensure consistent quality. Thus, we confidently guarantee quality products for your aquatic critters.

LUSH S&P Shrimp & Plants is a complete fertilizer specially formulated for freshwater planted aquariums accommodating shrimp and snails.

This fertilizer does not contain copper as it is toxic to shrimp in high concentration. All micro and macro elements are dosed precisely to achieve proper plant growth without affecting shrimp and snail health.

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General Details
  • Size Dimensions:
  • Instructions: 1 pump (~1ml) per 5gal 1-3 x per week-depending on plant load and light intensity. Monitor nutrition level every month and adjust dosage as needed.
  • Notes: Keep bottle in a cool and dry place with the lid tight. Keep out of reach of children.