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Orange Shrimps hold a special place for us as it was among the first shrimp we’ve owned along with Blue Pearl shrimp about in the early 2010s. Once we recontinued the hobby, it has been exceptionally difficult to find oranges that were truly orange and relatively consistent. With considerable effort, the Orange Shrimp we acquired that met our standards are exceptionally hardy and prolific, and have a bright orange hue compared to yellow-orange or clear-ish coloration that we’ve often seen in the hobby. We do note that there is some variability in the orange hue, and are continuously culling for that consistency. These pop best in darker substrates and vibrant green tanks to showcase their coloration.

Aqua Chart

General Details
  • Scientific Name: Neocaridina davidi var. Orange
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Temperament: Peaceful
  • Tank Mate Compatibility: Low
  • Expected Life Span: 2 years
  • Max Size: 1.5 inches
  • Optimal Tank Size: 10 Gallon+
  • Optimal Temperature: 70-74 F
  • Optimal Water Parameters: 7.0-7.6 pH, 7-15 gH, 2-8 kH, 150-400 TDS
Purchase Details
  • Purchase Age: Juveniles to Young Adults
  • Purchase Size: 0.5 - 1 inches
  • Colony Parameters: 10 Gallon, 72-74 F, 7.4 pH, ~10 gH, ~4 kH, 225-300 TDS
  • Colony Origins: Obtained from USA Breeder
  • Colony History: Homebred since 2020
  • Colony Notes: These oranges are very consistent, with a minority being culls. There are some variations in the shade of orange