Medium Dual Sponge Filter

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This dual sponge filter is among the most popular budget filters for shrimp tanks and is highly reliable due to its simplicity. It does not rely on a clunky weighted base that takes up more surface area, reliable simple design that still allows for some flexibility such as the extendable height and provides foraging/hiding area for smaller shrimp.

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General Details
  • Size Dimensions: 6.5 inches length, 2.4 inches wide, 9.5 inches height
  • Instructions: Suggest rinsing before use, extend head to preferential length, scrub glass of algae for maximum use of suction cups. Maintenance includes occasionally degunking the sponges (in non-chlorinated water) and clearing the air intake valve from clogging.
  • Notes: The medium Dual Sponge Filter is rated for up to 20 gallon tanks. We determine this is among the best economical filter for all around usefulness. We note that the suction cups will not maintain their suction if continuously pulled from the glass.