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Joe of Meadowview Aquatics is a USA based aquatics hobbyist who has kept fish tanks since he was a child. As a shrimp keeping veteran of 10+ years, he launched Meadowview Aquatics in 2017 specializing in ornamental dwarf shrimp and aquarium hobby supplies. All food products are certified organic or lab produced, dehydrated, and temperature controlled. He also supports local businesses by sourcing his premium shrimp food ingredients from local farmers. Joe is food safe certified due to his background as a former chef, and personally tests each batch of food before distribution. Thus, we confidently guarantee quality products for your aquatic critters.

Baby Bites is a powdered shrimplet specific food. Some baby shrimp are comfortable hiding away in a nook of your aquarium. This is to keep them safe. It is important for them to also get proper nutrition. This powdered food is a complete food designed to promote growth and all of the protein is algae and vegetable based so it will not foul the water as easily as other powdered foods.

It can be fed up to twice a day in small amounts depending on the age and size of the shrimp colony. As with all new foods, starts with less and slowly increase quantity.

Ingredients like the lactobacillus blend aid in proper digestion, while beta glucans derived from organic oat seed help boost shrimp immunity. Essential amino acids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals are provided by the remaining high quality ingredients.

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General Details
  • Purchase Size: 25 grams
  • Ingredients: Green Pea Protein Extract, Baby Spinach, Moringa Oleifera, White Mulberry, Brown Rice Protein Extract, Kelp, Spirulina, Bee Pollen, Beta Glucans (1,3,/1,6) , Lactobacillus Bacteria Blend
  • Instructions: A micro dosing spoon is included, use sparingly.
  • Notes: We consider this to be a staple for our shrimp.