Indian Almond Leaf

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Indian almond leaves are popular supplemental choices in the shrimp keeping hobby as they provide an array of benefits. They provide additional foraging surface area for shrimp to feed off of, leaks tannins which contain antibacterial properties into the water, provide hiding places from strong light and stress, all while providing a natural and aesthetic look to your tank.

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General Details
  • Size Dimensions: 4-5 inches long, ~3 inches wide
  • Instructions: Use as is. While unnecessary for our Indian Almond Leaves, it’s generally wise to boil any new botanicals in a clean pot of water for a brief moment before introducing to the tank to reduce risk of toxins, contaminants and pests.
  • Notes: The leaves are A to B grade, ranging from minimal damage to some tears. Depending on how often the shrimp forage over it’s surface, they will disintegrate within weeks to a few months at most. We recommend throwing some in the tank while you're away on vacations as a supplementary food source.