Hookeriaceae Moss

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This slow growing rarer moss looks mildly like rock candy sticks once it starts growing out. These should be tied or glued to hardscape immediately and are overall sensitive compared to other mosses. Each $5 portion will roughly cover the surface of a large coin when the sticks are lined up.

Aqua Chart

General Details
  • Scientific Name: Hookeriaceae sp. Distichophyllum
  • Care Level: Medium
  • Growth Speed: Slow
  • Management: Minimal
  • Light Requirement: Medium
  • Co2 Requirement: No
  • Optimal Temperature: Under 74 F
  • Optimal Water Parameters: 6.0.0-7.4 pH
Purchase Details
  • Purchase Portion: 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Potential Pests: Minimal chance of safe critters found in shrimp tanks
  • Potential Algae: Very minimal chance of hair algae
  • Colony Parameters: 72-74 F, 7.4 pH, ~10 gH, ~4 kH, 225-300 TDS
  • Colony Origins: Obtained from USA Seller in 2018
  • Colony History: Homegrown since 2018
  • Colony Notes: This moss is more sensitive and thus you may experience melting out of the box, we suggest you nevertheless attach the sticks to allow it to regrow. Cooler temperatures with moving water preferred.