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This miniature lily pad surface floating plant is popular in the hobby for it’s ability to suck up nitrates and keep your water conditions stable. They can propagate very quickly and completely cover the surface of your tank and thus may require regular removal. As they are floating plants, the leaves may burn if the lights are very bright and close to them. Each $5 portion comes with a packed tennis ball size of fronds.

Aqua Chart

General Details
  • Scientific Name: Limnobium Laevigatum
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Growth Speed: Moderate to Fast
  • Management: Regular
  • Light Requirement: Medium
  • Co2 Requirement: No
  • Optimal Temperature: 66-80 F
  • Optimal Water Parameters: 6.0-7.5 pH
Purchase Details
  • Purchase Portion: Densely packed Tennis ball size
  • Potential Pests: Minimal chance of safe critters found in shrimp tanks
  • Potential Algae: No chance of duckweed
  • Colony Parameters: 72-74 F, 7.4 pH, ~10 gH, ~4 kH, 225-300 TDS
  • Colony Origins: Obtained from USA Seller in 2017
  • Colony History: Homegrown since 2017
  • Colony Notes: We note that there should be minimal water movement for this plant to thrive. Thus HOB filters that constantly pushes the fronds around may lead to die offs.